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Rocket Science

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My 3.5yo has declared that he wants to learn "Rocket Science" (seriously, kid??). His specifications are:


1. It must be a ROCKET - not other flying things such as birds, hot air balloons, airplanes, etc.


2. It must "launch" in some way. Ideally there would be flames...but he will almost certainly be losing that fight 😂


My ideas thus far are:


1. Straw Rockets (force causes movement)


2. Balloon rocket (rockets move *away* from the force of pressure, gasses can move objects)


3. Mentos rocket (chemical reactions can create gasses)


4. Water rocket (pressure increases force)


After that... I need help!

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Here's the rocket DH bought for he and ds to shoot off.  The 2nd time he launched it, it got caught in a 30 ft tree coming down.. :laugh:


I think the kit has everything but the engines.  I know they sell these at Michaels and have put them on sale before. 







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He could get an almost-ready-to fly or a ready-to-fly model rocket and take it to a launch at your local chapter of the National Association of Rocketry.  That way you don't have to purchase the launch pad and deal with all the safety regulations.  The folks there will be very knowledgeable and typically love to see kids enjoying rocketry.  Our local chapter launches at least once/week in the summer (assuming the weather cooperates).

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Check what hobby store near has model rockets.


Boy Scout Space Exploration merit badge book has a big section on model rocketry.


Maybe there is a model rocketry club near you?



FaithManor at WTM took her rocket club to national finals -- check for her threads. Here's one:



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Where are you located? In my area, NASA has a museum with real rockets on display and real rocket scientists giving kids talks about rocket science. That is where I took my son when he wanted to learn rocket science!

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If you google, there are a lot of instructions for making safe rockets. Your ideas are good and there are a lot of instructables using stuff lying around in the home. We made a water bottle rocket and an air pressure powered rocket a couple of years ago.

Here is a bubble powered rocket doable at home: http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/pop-rocket/en/


Since you are overseas, maybe you can use NASA's websites for kids that are very informative and fun:





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