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Long lasting sore throat/cough


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Has anyone dealt with an illness that starts with a sore throat that becomes quite intense over the course of a day or two and is coupled with a productive cough that seems to be emanating from the throat rather than the lungs (if that makes sense) along with a somewhat runny nose and very stuffed ears?  No fever.  The sore throat lasts for about two weeks, the cough 3+ weeks.


My son brought this thing back from the Boston area with him and then he gave it to me.  I have since heard about other people getting something that sounds very similar--and these people got it from people visiting from the east coast.


Anyway, I was just wondering if this is something that anyone here is familiar with, and if so, did you ever get a diagnosis?  It is not strep.

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We came home from Orlando 4 weeks ago tonight. I think we got a Virus there. We were all sick, with various symptoms.  I am *finally* almost rid of the long lingering deep cough.  When I get a cough, it usually takes me a long time to get rid of it.  I remember, years ago, I went to our E.N.T. doctor, with a cough like this. She prescribed 1 or 2 medicines  that didn't work. After that, she sent me for Inhalation Therapy.  Hard, but it cured the problem.  

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