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CLE Math speed drills

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I just recently started looking at CLE Math and I think it's the winner for my son's first grade year. Before finding CLE, I was planning to use xtramath for drill practice. It looks like drill is built in with CLE so I'm wondering if I should do both or just pick one. Is there a practice drill for every lesson in CLE?

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Yes, math fact practice and drill are part of every lesson through 5th grade.  The CLE flashcards are organized in a really great way and the drill at the back of the light units exists for every lesson through every light unit through 5th.  As the material advances the drills change a bit and cover more than just addition/subtraction/multiplication/division but they are still there.  CLE also incorporates use of a math fact chart for normal lessons, assuming that the separate drill will eventually solidify the facts but until those facts are solid the student should not be bogged down by struggles with math facts while they are learning concepts.  These really are frequently learned at different paces within the same child.


As for adding in additional math fact practice, at this age I would be focusing less on drilling the facts and more on confirming conceptual understanding, though.  CLE has so much review of math facts that you really don't need to add more right now unless your child enjoys math fact practice on the computer as a fun thing.  There is time to learn those facts, especially if you stick with CLE.


Playing physically existing math games and doing practical application math and playing counting games with manipulatives, etc. might be better reinforcement right now.  Help your child see the joy in math.  Help them see the patterns and the connections.

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