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Learn Math Fast Books - Anyone use these?


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I have been homeschooling my teenage brother this year. He was really far behind and struggling with math. I used this in order to go all the back to the basics. We completed Volume 1 and are in Volume 2 (I purchased volumes 1-4). It has some neat tips and tricks and is pretty visual. It's a mastery program, so you won't be reviewing old concepts much, or at all. There is very little practice for each concept but I can usually find a free worksheet for any specific concept online.


The worksheets included can be copied from the book or you can download them from their website with their special code that's in the textbook. Trust me, download the pages. Some of the worksheet pages in the workbook are not complete.


Another thing that I dislike is that when we got to fractions it moved way to fast for him. I ended up having to purchase MM Fractions 1 and 2 through Currclick in order to go over fractions. We are still working through Fractions and will try again using LMF when we finish fractions and move on to decimals.


Overall, it's a great concept but needs some work. It needs more practice/review worksheets. It needs to show one concept at a time and allow them to practice it before throwing another one at them. It would give 2-4 ways to work out how to multiply fractions (at once) but leave them wondering which one to use and when.


Again, it has potential but I would not have purchased it knowing what I know now.

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