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World Geography Resources you may enjoy


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This past year I taught a high school geography class at our local co op and also online. I got them to create a variety of "projects" instead of essays etc and they really did SUCH a great job I would love it if what they created could be used to teach younger students geography.


So, here's what you can use (I used a great site called Padlet which allowed the students to "pin" their work so everyone could view it. When you click on a link, click on "view original" as otherwise it doesn't always work correctly.


Choose your own adventure ... in south eastern Asia - https://padlet.com/merylvdm/adventuregame. Although some don't look exciting as some don't show a graphic in the link, all do actually contain photos and videos and you play through and make choices as you go.


Videos on Asia - during the class I occasionally used videos on Youtube on the "Geography Now" challenge. I asked the students to make videos following the same formula - https://padlet.com/merylvdm/asianvideos


Chinese customs cartoons - their task was to take an aspect of Chinese culture and show what is and isn't acceptable. They used Powtoons to create their fun cartoons - https://padlet.com/merylvdm/ChineseCustoms


ebook on a country in Europe -  the target age for these is 5 - 8 years old and some of the students made truly beautiful books. Enjoy! https://padlet.com/merylvdm/europebook


Fun ways to remember African capitals - they had to use graphics and memory devices - take a look - https://padlet.com/merylvdm/africancapitals


I hope some of you can make use of my students' hard work.







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