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Quick help! math camps whilst traveling?

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We are currently on a road trip from Texas through Arizona, Nevada, several weeks in California and the west coast. We have signed her up for a chess/programming camp near where my parents live, and it occurred to me that we might be able to find a math camp for my dd6 to attend. It might just be way too late, but we have a lot of flexibility and are willing to travel to get her there. ESPECIALLY if it means she might meet other girls doing math:)

It would have to be flexible regarding age as well, since she is 6 but has covered all manner of topics. She has completed SM5, LoF through Fractions/Decimals and Percents, the Key to series in those and the first few in the key to Algebra series, Hands on Equations, and random other things.

That being said, she is still a very asynchronistic, ADHD, exuberant little girl.


Any ideas?

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