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Anybody in the Mpls/St. Paul area?

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We moved to the area one month ago and really want to meet other hsing families!  There's a co-op that meets not to far from us, but my kids want to find friends to hang out with.  So, anyone out there that would be willing to meet at a park or something to hang out once every couple of weeks or so?  


I have four kids, two boys (15 and 13 years old) and two girls (almost 10 and almost 5 years old).  The boys are the ones that are having a harder time finding other teens to connect with.  Don't get me wrong, the girls would love to meet more kids too!  


If no one wants to or can meet up, do you know of others that might?  I would appreciate any heads up!


Thank you!

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Hi!  We live in south Minneapolis.  Welcome to the area!  We had a thread going on the chat board recently...


It sounds (in that thread) like more people maybe want to do a fall meet-up, but I have still been thinking about the idea of setting out a date for a meetup in the first two weeks of June sometime!


A great resource for twin cities activities is Homeschool Adventures.  Be sure to join the Yahoo group mailing list too!


Feel free to PM me if you want to let me know what part of the metro area you are in and if there is a date in early June you are interested in a meet-up (If I was going to organize something I want to do it before my kids start more of their summer activities, since we are going to be a bit crazy after that).  I was kind of nervous with the idea of setting up a board meet-up and then having no one show up, but at least if I plan something that works for the two of us, then I know at least one other person will be there.  ;-)



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