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I could REALLY use some guidance for math for next year.


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My son is in 5th grade and will be finishing up MUS Zeta by the end of this year. We got ahead for reasons I will not bore you with. He is not struggling by any means, but I know he would benefit from another year with the basics before moving on to pre-algebra (our plan is Chalkdust pre-algebra in the 7th grade).


Here is my question. For next year, what program should I use. I could use Chalkdust's Basic Math program for 6th graders alongside the supplemental Singapore that we already use. Or I could use a less expensive program like Saxon for a year before moving into Chalkdust. I am not exactly sure which level of Saxon would be appropriate, but am assuming it would be the one just before their pre-algebra course.


Any guidance or direction would be helpful. I want him to have a good foundation, but I don't necessarly want him taking a math vacation for a year.


Thanks in advance,


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