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Book list I am sharing

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This excel file contains book lists from:


Memoria Press (summer reading)

IEW (books for boys and other kids that would rather build forts all day)

Center for Lit (Teaching the Classics)


Mensa Lists

1000 Good Books list (Classical Christian Support Loop)

Progeny Press


Providence Extension Program

Mars Hill Academy (local school)


It is missing some books. For time reasons I did not put in all 1000 Good books but all of Ambleside (as of 2 years ago) is here.


Also I may be missing something from one of the others--no guarantees.


There is a column for board recommendations but I got overwhelmed with that one as it would add so many more books. Feel free to check off on your own!


Mostly complete for grades 3 and up.



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Um... I can't open it, says "file trashed by owner"


When did you download it? If you downloaded it within the first two hours after I posted this thread then I did pull it down and repost it, so there was a brief period (2 minutes) where there was nothing there.  But I just went on there now and the file is up and I was able to download it.  Try again and let me know. I can always email it to you.

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15 minutes ago, rjand6more said:

Thank you so much! One of my jobs this summer is to catalog all our books.  This will give me a huge head start!

May I recommend the free app Book Catalogue? It has helped me a lot since I tend to buy used at thrift stores and garage sales.

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