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Talk to me about squamous cell skin cancer

Ewe Mama

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Ram Man has had a patch of funky looking skin that I kept telling him was ringworm. Since one of the boys is currently being treated, it made sense. After treating with fungal cream for three weeks, he trotted off to the dermatologist's office and had it biopsied. It is Squamous cell carcinoma. He is freaking out, as he has been in remission for two years from a different type of cancer.


I am never going to live this one down. Ringworm, indeed.


Tell me what happens next.

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For my grandmother (who has had several rounds with squamous) the next step was Mohs surgery which is a very precise dermatological surgery to remove. Her doctor cuts and tests on the spot to make sure he has clear margins. If not he cuts again and again until he's happy it's clear. We've sometimes spent an entire day with this process. She's never needed any further treatment. 

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I'd find somewhere that can do the Mohs procedure. It's the gold standard, and given the previous cancer history, I think it's worth pushing for.  Beyond that, they should check to make sure there was no metastisization.


:grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:


Breathe deeply. There's a good chance that this will be a one and done.

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