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Anyone familiar with the Stanford? "math procedures"

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Our Standford test results arrived.  My kids did well, with their total battery scores all at 90th percentile or higher.  All of them had lower Math Procedure scores (still above average per the report, but lower than 90th percentile).  I am trying to figure out what  Math Procedure tests so I can make sure we aren't missing something.

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Thanks!  I wish they gave some example problems :)


They are probably just problems with numbers.  Depending on the level something like 28 x 54 = ? or 5/6 + 3/4 = ? or 1.85 divided by 0.37.  That sort of thing.  That's what they are like on the equivalent section of the ITBS.


My understanding is that the Stanford is untimed, so running out of time probably wasn't a factor (as it is on the ITBS).  I have actually heard of kids who hate doing those sorts of problems so much that they just do the easy ones and guess on everything else!

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