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Suggestions for High School Math Struggler

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We've tried it all and he still struggles with sometimes even basic concepts like fractions. Any suggestions would be helpful.


We have used or tried just about everything throughout the years and even now have a private tutor, drills online using IXL, and even practicing from the ASVAB prep book since this now high school junior plans to enter the military upon finishing high school.


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I would absolutely be seeking evaluations.  He may have dyscalculia.  There are other learning challenges that could be tripping him up, too.  If he does have dyscalculia or other learning issues, getting an evaluation might get you both on a more productive path and it also might give him access to accommodations for things like SAT/ACT and college level classes if/when he goes to college.


ETA:  And most learning differences are really hard to tweak out for a layman.  A neuropsychologist could also help with finding strengths that might be masked by the struggles.  For instance, my husband struggles with certain things like multiplication and division facts but is brilliant at certain higher level math concepts.  In school his teachers thought he was lazy or didn't care about math or was stupid.  He is none of those things.  He needs a calculator for the more basic stuff because it just doesn't process efficiently enough in his brain but he is a very successful engineer and does phenomenally well with project planning, including the math side of projects.  

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