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Brave Writing - Video?

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For those who have used Brave Writer:


 - Does the online class include any video teaching? I tried looking at the online sample, but it appeared to be alot more simplistic than I expected. I was wondering whether I was missing something?


If anyone has used BW - can you explain how it works?  is it all written? What exactly does the teacher provide?


Thanks in advance

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My DD has taken a number of Brave Writer classes, and she has really enjoyed them.  I will say, DD is a natural and willing writer, so 2 BW classes in a school year is a living plenty of formal writing instruction for her.  Susanne Barrett in particular is a fabulous instructor.

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Brave Writer does not have a video component.


All teaching is done through text assignments - usually 2-3 per week. The assignments are very good and broken down into manageable chunks. The biggest thing you get is the teacher feedback. This is invaluable. The teachers always find things to praise as well as areas that can improve.  They work with your student's writing and help them take the next step. It is also helpful to read the teacher comments to other students in the class.


Yes, it feels "complete" - of course that depends on what you are looking for. Both my natural writer and my dysgraphic, hates to write son do well with Brave Writer. All our instructors have been great.

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No video component to Brave Writer as of now, though there are tons of videos of Julie Bogart on Youtube.


The real strength of Brave Writer is the instructor feedback. TONS of feedback is given, and every suggestion is accompanied by praise. The praise is not simply. "Good job!" type stuff. Rather, the praise is supposed to pick out specific writing strategies that work well in the student's writing, so the praise becomes a motivator to use those strategies again. The suggestions for development + praise is a winning combination. 


Besides the feedback, the course material is excellent and the assignments are top notch.

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