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Online learning--how do you use these programs?

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The virtual charter school that we use just emailed that these programs will be free and not count towards our allotted funds so I'm excited to check them out this summer but I'm not sure how to use them. Waiting on the log in info so I can't see much from the websites until then. I know I've heard Discovery Streaming recommended how do you use it? I have no idea at all what Destination Math is, anyone used it? Go Quest looks interesting, but I do wonder how well a 6 yr old can answer the questions for differentiated instruction, anyone tried this? I actually paid for Brain Pop through the school but couldn't log in through the iPad so we never used it, does anyone know if you can log in and use on an iPad? I'm not sure if by reading eggs they just mean the reading portion or if it will include access to the other parts. As I mentioned in the other thread DS was never big on it and now he's reading which he wasn't then. Does it start at the beginning or is there a quiz to see where the child is? Is it worthwhile for a student who is reading? I'm not sure if they focus on reading comprehension or something outside of phonics.


Reading Eggs


Discovery Streaming

Destination Math

Go Quest

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RE Brain Pop - We currently use it on the iPad for the free movie of the day. We used to have a subscription to it, but I was tightening the budget and didn't renew it. You could use it as a supplement to whatever you're studying at the time. I've never signed in on the iPad app, so someone else will have to answer that.


We've used Discovery Streaming for years. Again, as a supplement to whatever you're studying, it's great. We have also used the Spanish course on there. You'll find tons of great stuff (language arts and math) for your kids' ages.

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The only one of those programs we have is reading eggs but we have several available to us also.   I use them as review or touch on subjects I don't formally teach like science.  I usually have one play them so I can work with the other one on one.

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We use Brainpop from our Charter too. Depending on the day I look up whatever topic I want to have the kids learn about and let them watch. Other times I let my son play with it. This is more common recently as I am ready for summer! Brainpop, like anything else can get boring for the kids. But used sparingly I think it can be a lifesaver - you know for that day mom has the flu or a sick baby.


My son is almost 6 and for the first time I asked him to do an easy quiz on a video about geography. It was indeed an easy quiz, so next time We'll check out the other one.


Two times Brainpop "saved the day" was during Cinco de Mayo and St Patrick's day. On St Patrick we watched their video. On cinco de mayo the kids watched the video and I printed out their craft and the kids played with it. Just that took up almost an hour. The kids reviewed colors in Spanish while they colored and played with their birds for a while.


I've used Discovery a few times. It's not as easy to navigate as Brainpop (for littles, if your kids are older maybe it's fine). What I've done is made a list of resources for Dinosaurs: they have lesson plan ideas, videos... I looked around and made a list on their website (or a folder) and one day we used them. I look there to supplement history too. Their videos are not as cute/fun/colorful as Brainpop but are very educational. As my kids get older I can see myself using it more.



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