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Elementary-Level Physics / Auto Mechanics???

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DS (K) is a very tactile, kinesthetic, spatial kid who loves all things vehicular. He is especially interested in trains & how their engines work (steam, diesel-electric, & electric), but the fascination extends to cars, trucks & construction equipment as well. Anyone have resources that could help??


Unfortunately in our tiny overseas high-rise apartment going to a junk yard & plopping an old rusty engine onto the garage floor won't quite work... 😂

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Can you build a little course for Matchbox cars? That's a great age to learn about inertia, gravity, friction, etc.


You might also see if his interests extend to paper airplanes and building boats to float in the sink.


DS likes Popular Mechanics for Kids, but he also liked Sid the Science Kid at that age.

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DS would lose his ever-loving mind over this! I have seen it before & almost bought it, but $120 for a toy is a bit hard to swallow...


This is awesome, & much more practical than the Hammacher option. Thank you!!

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