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Algebra 1/2 for ninth grade

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Just responding to this in light of your posts in your other thread: "From BJU Pre-Algebra to Saxon Algebra".


Saxon 1/2 is Pre-Algebra. Your student will have just finished BJU Pre-Algebra, and you mentioned that DD is very math-bright and gets good grades in math. I would not hold her back/make her repeat Pre-Algebra, but let her move to her next natural level of math: Algebra 1. Even though Saxon will be a new-to-you math provider with a slightly different approach, it doesn't change the fact that your DD is ready for Algebra 1.


She'll be fine. There is a lot of review built into the first dozen lessons of Saxon, which will give DD plenty of time to get used to the new program. IF needed, for the first few weeks you can schedule 2 days to finish a lesson to give DD extra time to adjust to the new program. But it's time to let this baby bird fly! :)


BEST of luck in starting 9th grade! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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+1 for what Lori said. I really would not put a math-bright child through a year of material that they already know. It would seem like it would really solidify the concepts, but for some math-bright children what it really encourages them to do is to get used to not thinking very hard and to already knowing everything, so that when they are expected to start thinking and learning again it is more challenging. For others it makes them careless and sloppy.


If you run into any troubles, you can either use two days for a lesson or (if she doesn't do well on a test) back up and redo the last week of lessons.

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