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Managers of their Chores...


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Back in ye olden days, I owned this as well as MOTH.  I think her system is overly complicated, and we never got it to work properly.


Her system:

1. Make a list of all of the chores that ever have to be done in your house.

2. Assign how much time is required for such chores to be accomplished.

3. Assign who should complete these chores.

4. Make a chore chart recording such things, and assemble chore cards for children.

5. Teach the child how to do the chore, and follow-up with them.


What we now do:

1. weekly task list, broken down by days

2. assigned chores are taught to children, posted on whiteboard 


Trying to keep track of who was supposed to wipe down the table as opposed to who was supposed to sweep the floor or set the dishes or clear the table to the dishwasher, etc. required too much brain power. Add to that that my children changed in their abilities each year as they grew and new children were added to the family and I gave it all up.  

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In our house there's a List that says



A - Clean Boys Bathroom

B- Tidy Main Floor Bathroom



A-  Dust All of Main Floor

B-  Vacuum All of Main Floor



It used to be specific chores per kid (ie. Oldest was in charge of bathroom cleaning, Younger kids for midweek tidying... dusting was for the kid who couldn't be trusted with the vacuum, etc.) Now (especially since we've only got two at home) -- they rotate -- one week one kid does A chores, the next week that kid does B chores. Then vice versa. No complaining about how Kid 1 has easier chores than Kid 2. And then dishes and taking out the trash and whatnot are everyday stuff, not 'chores'.


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I used MOTC many years ago.  It worked really well for my kids.  My dd enjoyed getting through her cards and knowing she was done afterwards.  I had three pretty little boys when we used it and it was absolutely fantastic for them.  The ones who weren't yet reading could tell what they had to do by the pictures.  The chore pocket clipped on to the kid, so there was no losing it. It kept them on track. I really enjoyed using MOTC and felt it made things easier for me for a long time.  


We eventually did morph into designated chore times and assigned chores during those times, but that was once the kids were all a little older.

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