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Academic title generator :D


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Associate Dean of the Task Force on Alumni Technology


Estimated salary: $248,128


I'm in! I see there's tech involved, so I'm gonna need a few community college classes to get updated, but for that salary I'm willing to bluff for a few months. I've seen enough incompetency in the world, I'm sure I can pull it off.

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This is cute, except it's not how I thiught it would work. I thought you give it some information and then it spit out a title that sounds legit. So, you say, "I make expert level ham sandwiches, correctly identifying which child likes mayo and which will puke if it sits on the same counter." And then it gives you Executive Director of Culinary Diversity and Nutritional Compliance.

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Executive Associate Executive for the Task Force on Dining Services

Estimated salary $134,826


I'm not sure about the executive associate executive part, but I think I've got a pretty good idea about what dining services might entail. ;)

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