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Interesting but get-it-done grammar that sticks?

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My rising sixth grader is a good reader, with excellent scores in vocabulary and reading comprehension.  He did fine on the spelling and language mechanics sections, but they were lower in comparison to his reading math scores.  He uses grammar appropriately but doesn't always remember the names of parts of speech, and he could use a little practice in punctuation, etc.  We don't do a lot of formal grammar, mostly what comes up in the writing programs and in studying Latin.  More Latin will help with some of that, of course, and we will continue working through Spelling Power, but I'm thinking he might do well with a daily workbook for reinforcing grammar concepts.  Something independent, and not complicated, but also not something too boring.  Something where the concepts will stick.


Is there an Evan Moore book that would work?  Or the Grammar Grams?  I don't know much about those.  I've used the free Glencoe one in the past for my oldest child, but they were so tedious, and I don't know that any of it stuck.


ETA: Something spiralish would be good, that will come back to concepts multiple times.  The Glencoe one really didn't; it did a bunch of one type of thing and then moved on.

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step by step grammar at Rainbow resource

Darn, I sure wish he had finished his test before the weekend, because I made three trips to the RR booth at the convention this weekend, LOL.  Okay, I will check them out -- thanks!

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