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Does anyone use teaching the Classics with tapestry of grace?


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I'm still thinking through curriculum and scheduling for next year. I love teaching the classics and will use it again next year. I am considering using it with the 2nd grade book list (reading roadmaps) for my up and coming 1st and 3rd grader. I would do this with them 1x/week. Another thought I had was to use the methodology and teach the concepts using the literature selections that we already use for Talestry of Grace. Has anyone already done this? My only two causes for hesitation are: if I stick to reading roadmaps book lists through the years they get a comprehensive exposure to good, classic literature. I don't know if I want to give that up.; If I use the Tapestry of Grace literature, it won't have been chosen to show a certain theme or type of conflict, so I don't know how systematic the instruction (teaching the classics) would be going this route.


If anyone has tried this or has any input, I would love hear it! Thanks, in advance m

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I do. I use Teaching the Classics (and ideas from the book Deconstructing Penguins) to lead a once a month book club. I really like it and find it works well. I do use Tapestry Selections.


All of the books in Tog can be used to cover the basics in TTC. You do not have to systematically cover themes--the point is to learn how to find themes, not read examples of all themes and the different conflicts are in most books. Your goal is to discuss lit with your children and teach them to be "book detectives".


You will see as you get going how naturally you cover everything. As you pre-read,you'll notice--hey foreshadowing--write it down and show your children during the discussion.

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