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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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Cleaned Kitchen, swept & spot mopped.

laundry (now on 3rd load, one more to go!)



Pick up kids from school (dh is in school late all week this week, so more driving for me, yay).

Dinner (thinking fried rice and dumplings)

Get house & kids ready for bed...


Mostly, I'm just ready for the rain to stop.

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garbage out

kitchen tidy up

call the school

deliver donations

post up photos of dressers and desk on garage sale board

make a couple appointments

update calendar with upcoming games/meets/grad stuff

order items for wedding

take a little nap

3 violin lessons


landlord bringing someone to look at the house (tidy up)

maybe weed a little bit



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Good morning! 


I spent a lot of time this weekend on the phone with co-op moms. We've had 3 different families pull out all for different reasons. It was good to hear their hearts about it and know that it wasn't anything any of the rest of us had done. Life has seasons, and sometimes those seasons don't allow for you to do everything you'd like to do. 




breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats


load of laundry in dryer


To Do:

go teach an IEW writing workshop for some students who will be new to my co-op class next year

ds do schoolwork here

grocery store on way home


finish school with ds

tidy house

finish laundry


take ds to first swim practice of the year



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Good Morning!


Quickly giving the house a once over, laundry and packing my travel bags.


Heading to Clarksville, TN  this afternoon with dh to find us a house.  It's a 10 hour ride so we will do 1/3 of the driving today and get up early and head out for the rest and see the realtor tomorrow and early Wednesday.   Praying we find a home that all our stuff will fit into and meets our needs. 


You guys have a great week and I'll see ya on the flip side! :auto:


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Good morning!


So far:


pets fed and given meds

assigned reading for theo course

recycling out

took 23 yo son to metro station to head back to Boston


In a few minutes

I'll rouse the teens so they can get up and work on their history papers from hell (due tomorrow at 12:30)




work on getting house ready for the major part of bathroom renos

make phone calls

figure out what's for dinner

babysit little 7 mo old

hopefully take him for a long walk if weather holds

take 14 yo to her rehearsal 6:30 - 8:30

support kids as they do their last dash to finish papers




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Good Morning!


This week will be shaped by the kids' piano recital and Dd's birthday party. Also ran, camp prep and my job.


My list:


school - morning only, 3R's.

menu planning

fill vitamin box

remind Dd to do her laundry! 

check with Dh about Wed night dinner  

work at church


take car to repair shop


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Good luck, Tammy! Grey and chilly day here. Dh decided to work from home, new interim pool schedule, and ds1 here. Pretty sure I will get nothing done.


To do:


School for a few

Clean kitchen


Clean bathrooms

PM practice


?? Other things


Have a great day!

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Good morning

- call work regarding schedule- done waiting for call back

- call to make appointment to have brakes pads changed on car- done

- go to CU to get $- done

- go to store for a few things- done

- tidy house

- laundry- in dryer

- fold laundry

- get dd1 off bus- picked her up from school

- help dd1 with any school work- done

- dinner- picked up Arby's

- baths

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- paid sitter, had to go buy girls new shoes. Dd1 has put grown 2 pair and the one pair that did fit, the soles were coming off. Dd2's were getting a bit small as well so I decided to get her's while I was at Famous Footwear

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I don't know.  Seems like a lot of today is going to be decided for me.


One of our houseguests changed his plans about leaving this morning.  The person he is visiting is therefore hanging around all day instead of going to work.


So here is how it looks at the moment:

  • Send out some work in the wee hours.  [done]
  • Sleep some.  [done]
  • Kids up & off to the school bus.  [done]
  • Pet care.  [done]
  • Clean kitchen and some clutter.  [done]
  • Nap.  [done]
  • Work.  I still have some deadlines that carried over to today due to the 15th being on a weekend.
  • Kids' work / change for evening stuff / early dinner.
  • Kids to dentist.
  • To library - kids' homework, mom's work.  (Want to avoid home which will just cause more delays.)
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Sign up for next year's classes.  Work at gymnastics.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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The writing class was fun for me, and hopefully, the kids liked it as well. I love helping people learn about IEW!


I came home to find that ds had finished all his school work so that he and his sister could continue their Avatar the Last Airbender binge watch. 


I'm expecting a call from another co-op teacher I hope is not dropping out because her dd's best friend will no longer be there. 



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I just cannot believe how much I have accomplished today!  I sold 2 dressers.  I took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill.  I went to Dressbarn and found a dress to wear for dd's graduation.  I talked to my mom.  I tossed some stuff from the basement.  And I helped dd get all of her laundry done.  Yay me!


Next up - violin lessons, landlord here, soccer, dinner, weeding....

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