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VP Omnibus for high school?

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So I spent a long time and in multiple trips looking at the Veritas Press booth at a convention, and their Omnibus caught my eye. We've used History Odyssey for many years, and Omnibus looks like a similar approach. Plus, I thought maybe their self paced class, if the approach is similar to what we know, would be a good bridge to a regular online or college class.


I don't need it for next year, because that's set, but since SWB has no History of the Early Modern/Modern world and the associated guides yet, maybe Omnibus would fit the bill for us. If it were for a tenth grader, Omnibus says that's their 4, I think? But if that's not a time period we want to study then, could we use any of the others? Or would using the earlier levels be too light and the upper levels be too much? (No idea which one she'd want to study -- she'll have medieval in ninth, and maybe US in eleventh, and I'll probably let her decide about tenth.)

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We have used Omnibus in the past and will continue to do so.  There is really nothing else out there like it.  You can use any level at any time,  but some of the books and/or assignments tend to get harder in the high school level from what I've heard.  Because it is just a collection of essays, you can pick and choose which books to read.  In that regard, it is very flexible.  We don't have the same beliefs as some of the authors and sometimes disagree with their opinions, but that's okay.  It is an essay, after all.  We can take what we want from the discussion.


I'm not really happy about the plagiarism issue.  It looks for the most part that someone was extremely lazy in adding in all the sidebars and did not cite sources.  This happened across the board with many essays.  I don't know at this point who was in charge of doing this and whether the editors were even aware of it.  It is pretty easy to trust someone to do what's right and then get burned.  There were just too many hands on this project to tell who was responsible.


I'm also not happy about the fact that VP has not released a statement.  They DO know who added in all the extra information from wikipedia or wherever and need to do somthing about it.  


They need to probably release a digital copy with sources cited and pull the hard copies.  


In spite of all that, there is nothing else available with that kind of information and discussion available, so........



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Oh.  Wow.  No, I had not seen that yet, as I've had a crazy busy week.  That certainly does put a damper on my enthusiasm for Omnibus.  Thanks for letting me know.

It actually crossed my mind to try and have DD use the self-paced after my injury.  We will be doing a literature intensive over the summer instead.  ymmv.

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