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How do you stay connected with your college students? {cross-posted}

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I admit I am not the best at this. I'm really good at texting and calling, and we have one tradition that has been great but I need some help and hints. Part of it is that I get so caught up with the busyness at home (single parenting and homeschooling my 3 now still at home) that the weeks fly by and I realize I need to be more proactive. Part of it is that I want it to be perfect, so it doesn't happen. e.g. I want to send a box with homemade goodies and favorite treats but don't have it all so don't send any of it. 


So, can y'all share your tried and true ways that you stay connected with your college kids? I'll start with my list: 


1. Take phone calls whenever they happen. Stop what I'm doing, stay up when I was headed to bed and try to never be the one to say "I gotta go now." Let them end the conversation. 


2. A friend and I go and cook for our kids and their friends. We make a huge homemade meal with desserts, drinks, sides and the kids love it. They look forward to it. We cook for their scholarship houses (about 30-32 kids) plus often other kids we know who are at the same college. 


3. Group texts and group photos of some of the fun stuff going on at home. 


What do you do? Give me your best, your spin, the easy and more involved that helps you stay connected. Thanks!


{Cross-posted from college board. You can see comments here. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/607463-how-do-you-stay-connected-with-your-college-students/?p=6999642}

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