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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

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Final pre-party prep!


Baked Beans are in the crock pot, doing their thing.

Yard is clean, porches power washed, windows cleaned (again)

Pool skimmed

Drinks in the cooler with ice (must get more ice)

Main floor is sparkling, window shutters are open, 

Recycling Bags/signs out

Sign for house out.


LUNCH (now)


Juice lemons for 5 gallons of lemonade, and a half gallon of lemon sorbet, juice another gallon of lemon juice

Make simple syrup for 5 gallons of lemonade and an extra half gallon

Make ground beef for hamburgers (mix in the spices and set)

Prep wings


Speech Therapy, get more ice, citronella candles, any other last minute stuff


Rush home, make burger patties, help host party...




Clean up from party.


Welcome Junjun (German Shepherd we occasionally watch) for 5 days.





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Good morning

- get dd1 up, dressed and on bus- done

- go back to bed- done

- tidy house- round 1 done

- dishes- done

- go to store for a birthday present and other stuff- done

- get dd1 off bus- done

- dinner- done

- work

- bedtime with dd2

- anything else I get done- picked up all the flower orders from dd1's school, took flowers to dh's grandparents

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Run a few errands

Drop by and see my Grandpa

Clean my house


Figure out dinner tonight  - my sister is coming over for the evening

Fit in a bit of school


STILL work on summer plans... Which hasn't happened the last three days it's been on the list.

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My oldest returns from his class trip to Washington, DC tonight and my youngest tomorrow so I hope to enjoy the last few moments of kidlessness.


-painter to touch up one thing they missed last week

-workout (lower body weights)

-organize medals and trophies for baseball closing ceremonies tomorrow for my DH

-laundry (only got 4 of 5 loads done yesterday; have 4 to do today)


-out to happy hour with DH (NOPE.  DH rolled in from work at 8:45).

-pick up oldest from airport tonight

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Have a great party, Lisa!


Today will be a light school day here, due to Dd's dance recital and a necessary grocery run. Thankful that the rain has moved off.



YNAB!    Whew! Feels good to have that done. Budget done, acct reconciled, bills paid! 


Return library books

Take dog to the park?


Prep dinner for Dh and Ds

Prep snack/dinner for Dd and me.




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Friday!  Yay!


Hem dress (most important job of the day!!)

write up agenda for meeting

email agenda out to board

go to friend's house to help her kids get off to school

call school to excuse dd



take dd shopping

board meeting 1pm

pick up roses and baby's breath

pick up food for father son campout!!

host 15 girls for boutonniere making party

go to dd's volleyball banquet



if you notice, I have done everything BUT the most important job of the day....waaaaaa

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Crazy day.

Someone's birthday - breakfast celebration before school.

Conference call - survived.

Handymen - had to empty and then refill the fridge/freezer.

Call from school - kid broke her face and I had to bring her home.

Need to stop work early to pick up the other kid for more birthday celebrations.

Gotta go!

Have fun!

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What a busy day...but here's what I did


3 bed washed and remade

4 bathrooms bleached, mopped and deep cleaned

4 loads of laundry--washed, dried and put away

2500 sq of hardwood floors cleaned and baseboards wiped down

kitchen deep cleaned 

all furniture dusted and everything put away

3500 of carpet vacuumed and basement bathroom cleaned and everything put away and tidy


Tomorrow will be another busy day--classroom work to be tackled :)



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I'm not sure what "broke her face" means, but I hope she's ok, SKL. 


She fell on her face at recess, and got a fat/bloody lip and a chipped front tooth.


She is a trooper.  Still in some pain, but she rarely lets pain slow her down.


We have a dentist appointment for Monday afternoon.


Thanks for your concern.  :)


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