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Break down of English credit?

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The reading and writing are integrated — the student writes essays analyzing the literature being read.

Whether the time spent on reading and writing is split 50/50 really depends on the student, the reading list, whether the student is a natural writer or a struggling writer who needs a lot of practice/help/multiple revisions, and a variety of other factors. As long as you're reading and writing about literature, I wouldn't worry about the exact proportions.



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I do not split it into separate semesters; I prefer to have an integrated writing component with the literature, and I incorporate writing across the disciplines. I don't cover grammar in high school; I expect a high school age student to be proficient in language mechanics.

But it's your homeschool. You can do whatever you want. You can have a full  credit of writing instruction (for example by taing a college composition course)-  or unschool English completely :)

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