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I'd almost forgotten, my son woke up one morning in horrid pain, crying and refusing to move his neck. He never cries in pain, even when bleeding, so I knew it was hurting him. The ped ruled out meningitis, and said it was as muscle spasm. He actually recommended a chiropractor. I went to one I knew did children and in a matter of minutes he went from wide eyed in pain to smiling and laughing again,and able to move his neck. It was insane. I was SO glad I knew someone to take him to, and that she could help him. 


1ds used to get horrible stomach pains.  he couldn't keep down the smallest sip of water.  like clockwork, every three months, each time was slightly longer before he'd start to feel better.  he was on IVs for hydration, and IM narcotics to try to keep him comfortable.  the narcotics *never* lasted until the next dose - usually only half the time. they did all sorts of tests - including at the children's hospital,  trying to figure out what was going on.  pediatric neurologists, etc.  he was put on a beta blocker (2x a day, every day) that did help, the question was - for how long?  they still didn't know what the problem was.  I also didn't like the idea of my 10 yo son taking such a drug, and it was looking like it could be a for life thing.  by the end - 'episodes' were lasting eight days, with another four for recovery.


I started seeing a chiro for my neck/headaches and mentioned it.  he asked me "has he ever fallen?"  uh, yeah.  18' out of a tree, landed on his feet on a slope of soft ground.  (I found out later.)  there was no apparent injury at the time.  life goes on . . . .


I brought in the x-ray the allopaths took.  he'd fractured a vertebra and it was pinching a nerve - right where the stomach nerves break off the spinal cord.  the pressure would build up- then reach max and "break"  and he'd have an episode and the pressure would release.  (same idea as an earthquake)  then, it would build-up again and we'd do it all again.  all the beta blocker was doing was masking symptoms - if he didn't take it, woah baby . . . he was in pure misery and there was little we could do.  (there were times I didn't have the money to buy it.)


one adjustment . . no more rx - ever.  he did need to continue with adjustments while he grew, to keep everything aligned.  but that was once a month - vs a rx 2x per day, 7/52.


yeah - chiropractors can do amazing things.  and I did have one that was able to determine my leg injury included the fibula being  twisted in the joint.  (I can do hero's pose again :D) so much for my *SPORTS* medicine allopath who did x-rays and a MRI.  I never went to him again as he was positively worthless.

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