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another gardening question


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I sow wildflower seeds in a non-raised planter area up against my house that runs about 3/4 of the length of the house and is right under the windows -- so an area that is about 2.5 feet wide and 25 feet long. It is immensely satisfying to have about 8-10 flower varieties sprout and then bloom at different times for about 4 months. :)


There are a few bougainvillea vines and salvia bushes already in that planter area, and they don't seem to mind the wild flowers at all. Having the other plants in there is nice for when the wild flowers die off, so that there is still something green and flowering in that space. I've actually had a number of the wild flowers overwinter for 2-3 years, as that spot is so protected and stays warm even in winter, since it's right up against the house. (Note: I am in the desert Southwest, so that might not happen for you in NE. ;) )


I often save seeds (harvest when thoroughly dry, seal into a small ziplock bag, store in the refrigerator) to plant there the next year, but also usually buy a packet of mixed wildflower seeds as well.

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We did (mostly) native landscaping at our previous home. Some parts were great and beautiful, but It ended up being less to my liking than I had hoped.  Maybe that's because I actually wanted certain things growing in certain places.  What ended up happening is that some plants self re-seeded better than others, blew all over, and basically took over several beds.  The plants tended to also be tall and stalky, and in beds, I like tall in the middle, shorter on the outside.  Maybe with the right seed mix this wouldn't be an issue?

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