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We are thinking about purchasing a projector - I'd love to use it in the basement year 'round, but we really want it to be useable outside on the back house wall.


Any suggestions?  I'd rather not break the bank on this so anything to look for or recommendations?

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I have one I use for school, I use it probably 4 times a week.  I love it and I would like to use it outside this summer for movies.  I think I paid $300 for it a couple of years ago.  It isn't the top of the line but it works for us.
This is it 




When I was shopping I also looked at Craigs list-- you can find some top of the line ones there for good priices



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Are there any key features that you knew you were looking for?


something I could afford came in as a high priority :lol:


Also something that would work in moderate light-- since this is used in the classroom and we use it while writing--- we do the MUS dvds with it and IEW DVD's so we need to see what we are doing and still see the videos  


another thing you should consider: the cost of replacing the bulb-- sometimes that is more than the original cost of the whole thing!! 


so know what you are wanting to use it for, look at reviews for how often the bulb needs replacing, look at the cost of the bulbs.

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