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Linguisystems Executive Functio. vs Smart But Scattered

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They are different things, imo.  I have the elementary version.


There are specific instruction in EF to teach working memory strategies: chunking, rehearsing and subvocalization, acronyms, initializations, silly sentences, paraphrasing, visualization, etc.


EF has specific questions for the child to work on estimating time (i.e.--does it take longer to eat dinner or do your homework?). The time management stuff has specific charts you can photocopy and use, as well as instructions on how to use them.


EF has a few things on how to plan and organize writing (idea webs, outlining, etc.).


Most of the flexible thinking worksheets are wrapped around reading. Most of the self-monitoring worksheets are wrapped around math.  The writing checklists are AWESOME for homeschoolers.


EF and SBS are such completely different books that I can't advise you as to whether it's "worth it".  For me, it was.

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I own the Linguisystems book and have read Smart But Scattered for Teens.  I know that I need to arrange an environment to strengthen my son's goal setting and study skills.  In my view, neither book was enough, so I have found a CBT to help us work on these skills.  CBT is recommended first and potentially followed by meds.  Our CBT is recommending BrainHQ cognitive work for processing speed, 30 minutes per day at 5 days a week and 4-6 weeks.  I expect he will want DS to use Cogmed as well for working memory deficits.  


The Peg Dawson book will be helpful in explaining issues, and the Linguisystems book had specific sit down type exercises; however, I was never able to incorporate them.  If you are very disciplined, than maybe the exercises would benefit your child.  Quite frankly, I haven't the moxie, time, or the energy to self teach and implement EF strategies.  My platter is just full, and I need help from trained professionals.


If you are interested in implementing structure using visual elements and CBT is too much, maybe check out Sklar.

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I have a lot of books, including both of those.

I kind of stink in terms of implementing programs well here. I get overwhelmed and discouraged and things just don't get finished.


However, I have been able to implement some Smart but Scattered ideas. They are very practical. I also learned a lot from that book.


Definitely get it from your library. If I recall, the teen book was more about accommodation while the younger book had more remediation efforts. I own and used the younger book.


I haven't used the Linguisystems to be able to say...I guess it wasn't worth it here yet but maybe it will be in the future if I get my act together.


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