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What's the name of that free software like Microsoft Office?

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We use LibreOffice 5.0    You can download it, legally, and legally install it, and use it, on as many boxes as you have.


Note: A few months ago, my DD switched with my wife and the PC she had been using for 3+ years was the one that had the license for a limited version of Microsoft Office from Dell.  (That PC is now having bad issues and I need to take it apart and try to figure out whether it is a RAM (Memory) problem or a Cooling problem.


DD found,  with a lot of clicking around on the Microsoft web site, that she could gain access, free, to their Online version of Microsoft Office.  I think she is using that for her schoolwork now.


DD did that, after trying to install the Office 365 that my wife bought last August, when she bought a mini laptop for her DIL, but DD was not able to install Office 365, because of the date on the Office 365 box or something.



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Another vote for Libre. I used to use Open Office, but it developed a lot of crashing problems. I actually like Libre way better than Microsoft at this point.


My kids much prefer to use Google Docs but it has some features that drive me bonkers.

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