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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

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I feel really light today.  No teaching RE or having to get 17 yo to his community college class and then p/u.  Woot!



load and run dishwasher - done

my own studying

wake kids for breakfast school


Kids work on history

take kids to history class

run errands

p/u kids

kids work on history paper in p.m.

might have another errand or two to run

Latin prep

tidy up

dinner is chicken and sweet potatoes


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I am kidless for the remainder of the week!  What to do, what to do.


-get DS1 off to airport for class trip to DC

-work out (lower body weights)



-grocery store

-clean up kitchen

-straighten up/clean out closets


ETA:  I should have known better than to put laundry, grocery store, and any cleaning on this list. 

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Tidy up

get hubby out the door and off to the airport


call the school


buy white knit fabric

adjust skirt

work on bodice

cut out sleeves

try it all on dd

sew bodice to skirt

11am meeting

go to friend's house to see how we can help with garden

pick up mulch and petunias


4 violin lessons


youth night at church - gardening


grrrrr!  Getting hubby to airport took about 3x as much time as I was planning.  All my good sewing plans went out the window and my day has been busy ever since.  I have a half hour before lessons start, so I'll go get a little sewing done, but not as much as I had hoped...

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Good Morning! This time of year is crazy. Dance recital week here so today is the "calm" before the storm.  :willy_nilly:


I did not come even close to finishing my list yesterday, so today's list has lots of leftovers on it.



Order SS curriculum


To do:


Call rug man

Children's ministry summer planning

Get cash from ATM


Remind Dd to make cookies

pickCSA  up

Grocery for the things I forgot yesterday. Argh! 


Laundromat to wash Ds' small rug. 


Dinner - stuffed peppers and kale salad. 



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Good morning

- fold laundry (I didn't do that yesterday)

- do in service stuff for work- done

- tidy house- round 1 done

- get dd1 off bus

- dinner- decided

- work

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- called my school re: fall classes

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Good morning! Graduation vibes are in the air! Dd1's countdown to leaving...44 days.


To do:

School for most



Head to library

Hang last pictures

Buy mattress for ds1

Get grad announcements ordered

Get party evite out

Laundry (sheets and towels)

Plan Ikea trip for Thursday, I think

PM practice

Dh has judo run, need to confirm


Have a great day!

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Good Morning! 


Day 13 of rain...were going to need an ark soon!

The yard guys came and mowed yesterday so at least we look nice and tidy again.



organize all homeschool stuff to sell and take pics and prices

work in craft room and decide what to sell, donate or trash

cook dinner 




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Tuesday has come so fast! I have two more sick kids, so not sure how the day is going to go.


For Today:

Done - emails

Put away the rest of the laundry

Done - Dishes

Done - Pay bills

Done - Sort through box of shoes

Clean out one co-op bag

Recital rehearsal

Theater rehearsal


Lunch - corn dogs

Dinner - spaghetti

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I slept much of the morning away.  (I did get up to get the kids off to school, though.)  Feels like I had to sleep off the physical downturn I had Sunday-Monday.  I feel better now.


I got some good work done, more to come.


I'm confused.  I thought a handyman was supposed to come today, but I don't know what time.  So far no sign of him.  I am not going to hang around here all evening.


My kid wants a haircut before she swims again.  :P  I told her she could get one today.  I should get one too, but I might be too lazy to wash my hair.


Kids have soccer practice, and hopefully I will walk while they practice.  Then I'll probably take them to Panera, because I'm too lazy to make dinner and clean up.


Kids have homework, so that will round out the evening.


Then back to work.

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Most of my list done, but still haven't had time to sit down and do finances.



Gifts for AHG leaders


To do (things which are actually in the realm of possibility):


Prep for tomorrow morning - busy day!

Choose a really good book to read for Friday. (I'm class mom for dd's ballet recital. Hours of waiting with a bunch of girls, a quick rush to the stage and back, then some more waiting. The girls will entertain themselves fine, so I need a book!)

Graduation cards for Dh's neice and nephew signed and in the mail.



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Many things accomplished today. The new library is wonderful! Very excited to have such a resource a short bike ride away. Graduation announcements ordered, party invite out off until tomorrow.

Everything else done :)


Now some banking and bill paying, ugh.


Leftovers for dinner


Hope everyone had a nice day!

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medical stuff done

pet care done

human care done

school done

researched and printed out a bunch of scholarship stuff for ds

grocery shopping done

pharmacy done

death plant watered

cleaned the bathroom - sort of - should do some more on the counter and sink later

am avoiding my neighbor who is melting down. 

dd is making peanut butter energy bites.

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