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Spelling You See reviews?


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I have been using this with my daughter.  I like it, and it makes sense to me, because that is the way I spell.  It's fairly low stress, and she enjoys the dictation and the colors.  She has made improvements in her spelling of certain words. 


However, I don't know that it is the right spelling program for my child.  I'm not seeing any overall improvement in spelling, just in certain words that she got wrong in one dictation she will get right in the next, and usually will continue to spell that word correctly.  She may, however, spell words in the second dictation wrong that she got right in the first one.


I say "for my child" because I would recommend it to someone whose child picks up things from context  and example better.  It is a weakness of DD that she can't pick up words easily from context and is bad at inferences.  She doesn't learn much simply by viewing correct examples.  She needs explicit instruction in the "rules".  So I don' t plan to continue with Spelling You See after we finish the book, even though I like a lot of things about it and think it would have worked well for me. 

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The coloring really makes it work for my child.  Spelling has improved a lot this year, and I *think* this program has been a good part of that.  It helps make my child look more carefully at the words they read, and see the parts of words (otherwise my child is not a careful reader at all and although they love patterns has never seemed to look for or at patterns in how words are formed).


So we're almost done with one year of it and I think it has been useful and good.  We will use it again next year.

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