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How many use R&S 1st grade math in K?


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I do. Yes. Yes.


It starts with number recognition and gently works all the way up to mastery of +/- facts 10 and under, with a sprinkling of money, skip counting, fractions, story problems, measurements, and such. It really is K level math compared to most publishers. 


My 5yo has been using it very successfully this year. He has the older edition with duckies, because I already had a felt duck pond with all the ducks from older siblings. He's a slow and steady, gentle increments sort of learner thus far, and "duckie math" has stretched his abilities with just the right amount of challenge. I do the teacher presentation for every lesson, and he sits down to complete the workbook mostly on his own. We use a Boogie Board for some of the work from the TM, and for some I turn the book to him and put the bookmark just under what I want him to do. Like stacks of before and after exercises that he's already really good at. He answers orally and we'll move onto what's next.


His sisters before him also used R&S math 1 before first grade. They have both been a grade or more ahead in math all along and actually used it at preschool age. The R&S math workbooks were cheaper than all the internet printables they could go through so they could have school TOO. They *loved* duckie math and it built a fabulous foundation for them. (They've since switched out to more challenging programs and math competitions.)

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We're doing it now -- on about lesson 13.  It moves pretty slowly and, in any case, you can move more slowly through it.  It doesn't have a lot of manipulatives, so I add in some.  It's very clean and easy to use.  My other experience was with Saxon K, which had a lot of moving parts.  Initially it was fun, but it rapidly became burdonsome, and the spiral left me confused with what I was supposed to do if he didn't learn something.  With R&S I don't have that problem.



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