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Newer Lost Tools of Writing program experiences? alternatives?


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I have seen complaints about the older versions of LTOW.


If anyone has used the newer version of the program--


Is it teacher friendly? Does it take a lot of prep and/or is it hard to wrap your brain around?


Did your student enjoy, tolerate, or dislike the program?


Were you pleased with the skills gained? Do you think there might have been better ways to get those skills?


I do want to focus on persuasive writing with my middle schooler. I am seriously considering a purchase, but it's a lot of money for something I'm having trouble getting a sense about ahead of time.


I don't want to make a pricey mistake.


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Nobody? When did the new edition come out? Maybe no one has had a chance to use it yet.


See, I just bought it and am seriously hoping my $150 isn't wasted. I saw reviews that said it was easier, but I'd love to hear more opinions. I'll be reading through it this summer, preparing for the next school year. I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet.

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I'll sit on the spectator bench with you. I've already ordered the 4th edition though. Because DVDs. I like what I see so far, but I'm still waiting for all the parts to come in.


Bump if nothing else.

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