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article: homeschooling Mom returns to engineering after 24 years out

cave canem

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WSJ  p. D1, first page of Personal Journal, below the fold, May 4, 2016

Here is an image of the article: http://www.pressreader.com/china/the-wall-street-journal-asia/20160505/281586649800791

Nice article about how a woman in the Detroit area networked through her church and built her resume around her homeschool coop teaching experience and robotics competition management.

This piece is written by Sue Shellenbarger, who gave homeschooling a whirl herself and whom I usually enjoy reading.


edited for easier parsing--it was even worse before!

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Wow! She got quite a break there.


Locally I don't see this happening much at all. I've noted earlier here that I know quite a few homeschool moms in my area who are trying to re-enter the workplace, and it's a rough go. Most are in receptionist/administrative assistant jobs despite their advanced degrees and many years as a home educator and volunteer coordinator.


I chose to keep working at least part-time in a professional capacity during homeschooling for various reasons, and I'm far, far more marketable because of that. I am constantly being asked to submit proposals for contract work and being contacted by recruiters. As recently as yesterday I was at the doctor, and she asked if I would submit a proposal to give them an independent review of both their current website and a redesign that another company is doing! Unfortunately I had to turn them down, and I don't know of anyone else in my circles who does that kind of work in a formal way.


It's really, really sad that we aren't valued for what we can contribute.

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