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Prayers/Good Vibes Needed for my Youngest's Cochlear Implant Surgery

Crimson Wife

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As some of you may know, my 7 y.o. was diagnosed last year with progressive hearing loss. She is scheduled tomorrow (5/6) to receive a cochlear implant in her worse ear. I'd appreciate any prayers/good vibes for a successful operation with as much preservation of her low- and mid-frequency hearing as possible. Thanks!

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Glad to hear that it went smoothly.


Why can't it be activated right away?

 I will answer for CrimsonWife since she is likely  taking care of her DD.


The surgery is to place the internal portion of the cochlear implant.  In simple terms, an electrode array (like a wire) goes into the cochlea and another portion sits underneath the skin behind the ear.  It is best if the there is some healing so swelling goes down, lower risk of infection post-op before they first utilize the external portion of the cochlear implant.    As recently as ten years ago they preferred to wait 6 weeks but now they are shortening that interval to 2 weeks or less, depending on surgeon/audiologist preference.   Between changes in the cochlea, swelling, etc., the CI device will need to be reprogrammed frequently in the early stages.


There is a pretty good visual at the bottom of this page:



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