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Womens' history book for mid elementary?

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My preschool Dd is suddenly very aware she is a girl and is pointing out boys and girls in all our stories. She feels she can only identify with the female characters. We've been reading a lot of bible stories, which she loves, but they tend to skew male in their protagonists. I think she would really respond to some stories about historical women. I'd love a book that covers a range of women from various cultures and eras who did big things. She has a mid elementary attention span for read alouds. Any suggestions?

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I don't think they are actually a series, but last year my kids loved reading a grip of books in this same vein. Men too, but here are some women to get you started...








Cady Stanton




I will say I teared up reading almost all these books :-)


Then there's Girls who rocked the world

and Girls think of everything



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