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2016 Sync Audiobooks are up!

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Yeah, I'd looked through those.   The first look it seemed like there was nothing worthwhile.  The overt political theme turned me off.  The second look, it looked like some good books in there.  What does everyone else think?  


I had been hoping that series from last year, would be continued in this year's.  

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From our perspective, there are always duds and some unexpected winners. I have been disappointed the last couple of years to see no more Shakespeare. One used to be able to count on a Shakespeare play to be included.


Last year was mostly just meh. Not sure Dd listened to more than 3 past the first 20 minutes. There might be a few treasures this year.


ETA There definitely seems to be some sort of a theme this year, but I haven't quite grasp it yet.

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I just finished listening to Vivian Apple at the End of the World.  I really liked it, much better than most recent YA books I've read. I never would have picked this up on my own, but I'm glad I was introduced to it and will definitely suggest it to dd.  There is a little bit of kissing, some 4-letter words, and some disturbing situations, but in general a really good message about finding your courage, finding your voice, and learning to be the architect of your own life.  

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