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Keeping Younger Children Busy

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I am homeschooling my son and I have a daughter who just turned 3 that begs me to 'do schoolwork'. The two of them are very close, inseparable most of the time, so anything he does, she wants to do. She can be very distracting if we are trying to work through a difficult concept for my son. I need some ideas on how to keep her busy while I help my older one through some of his work.


I have tried coloring books, story time, Legos, puppets, play dough, etc. She begs me for workbooks, so I think I will cave and get her a few.


Any suggestions on preschool work books? She already knows how to hold a pencil and is strengthening her hand muscles by pretending to write all the time.

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Kumon pre k books are good. There are also school zone ones at target or the like with mazes, simple patterns, etc.

There are also tons of free printables out there if you wanted to make your own. I used 2 pocket folders when the twins were little and filled it with printables for the week and called 1 math, 1 writing, 1 phonics, 1 science, etc.

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The Rod & Staff set of four workbooks for preschoolers that are in pastel colors, called About Three, Bigger Steps, Color, Count, and Cut, and Doing My Best are really great for 3yo. I just bought my fifth set of them so that my youngest little guy can have his own set next school year.


I also do lots of preschool printable themed packs from the Internet.

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