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My reluctant writer's writing has improved this year and I think this is why...


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Last year, dd was tested by an OT because of her writing issues. The OT had ideas about something going on and recommended further evals, but she gave dd a diagnosis of lack of coordination and noted specifically about writing that dd had no automaticity. So I set out this year to work on automaticity, meaning writing letters without even having to think about them. She had been "drawing" her letters, thinking about each stroke.


This is what she did this year to work on writing:


First, everyday, she used Dictation Day by Day, otherwise known as Modern Speller. She did it as copywork and not dictation. I think this has made the most difference with the physical writing issues.


Second, she used Just Write 1 and 2, which was below level, and it taught her about the process of writing paragraphs, etc., without a lot of stress.


Third, we did HWT Cursive. I didn't expect a lot from this, but it was obvious that it clicked. I only had her do small bits everyday.


At the end of third grade last year, I was so worried about her reluctance to write and her illegibility. It has really turned about with no other therapy besides vision therapy last spring and summer, even though the OT recommended IM, which we did not do because of concerns over compliance given the expense.


I am much more encouraged about dd's writing in the future.


I just wanted to share what worked for us, in case it can help someone else. Of course, the reasons for each child's difficulty is different so I can't say it will work with everyone.


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Thanks for sharing. My 8yo reluctant writer dd will be getting some testing this summer. I will check out those programs you mentioned.


Eta: I meant to say I'm so glad that things are looking up for your dd!

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