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High School business class

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DS15 currently sees business/finance/economics as a career goal. He took Personal Finance at school this year and did extremely well - the teacher has contacted us several times to say he enjoys DS because he wants more in-depth discussions of business and economic issues. DS will be a sophomore next year with a solid slate of writing, Alg II, etc. He would like some sort of business-related class to add in. The only related classes that our small school offers is AP Statistics (waiting until junior year for that) and Economics (this will be paired with a semester of Government junior year).


The school has offered to pay for an online class if we find something interesting - perhaps business law? Accounting for high school students? Is there something y'all could recommend? He is an Honors level student if it matters.




P.S. The school program counselor offered to research this, but I told here I already had an excellent nation-wide resource!


ETA: Thank you!

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Both AP Economics courses are available online, and would be wise for a business major.  AP stats, as you mentioned, is helpful, though it is not sufficient to place out of statistics in many programs.


There are also online Accounting classes available as DE, and those will help the business progression tremendously (look for financial accounting and managerial accounting).  Finally, consider AP psychology or a sociology DE.


Our local CC offers all of these online, but your local options may vary. 





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Accounting - there's a good CD based course from Professor in a Box, or dual enroll at your local CC

Psychology - very, very useful for business majors, PA homeschoolers has the AP class

Marketing - also available on CD from Professor in a Box, or dual enroll


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My dd took Accounting as a dual credit class.

She is also taking International Relations this semester - although this is a PolSci class, they have looked at economies and inflation and other business-type issues. So, this might be a possibility for a business major. 

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