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JAG with dyslexic

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This is a good question.  I looked at it for my possibly (undiagnosed) dyslexic girl and decided it would not have enough review at all.  


Now that said we have not had much success with grammar, in general and have found that it is only a very confusing waste of time, and focused our efforts this year and last on spelling and handwriting, followed by a pretty intense crash course on typing and it has reaped great dividends.  My dd's organization of speech is excellent and her prose is easy to read and even delightful, so I have decided to keep grammar as a non- issue for her.  Even for foreign language I don't think it'll be a big deal becuase we are front loading using Duolingo for 3 years so by the time she gets to high school Spanish, she will be so comfortable with the basics that the grammar necessary won't be a problem either.


She knows her 8 basic parts of speech and how to diagram them and locate them and maybe a little more but that's about it.  :o)  She knows DO and IO, as that's useful too but I would say that's about it.

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