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Aspergers Experts ??

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I like AE. I haven't purchased anything but I signed up for their emails. Sometimes they seem repetitive, but even then the points they make are good and it can take multiple hits for something to click.


Recently, I was thinking this is repetitive, and then there was an email from them about the vagus nerve. I had just been reading about the vagus nerve because of the heart-related issues in our family (POTS, IST, vasovagal syncope, dysautonomia), and I was trying to connect the dots between these things and the spectrum, as an overall dysregation. And then, boom, I got the AE email about the vagus nerve.


I actually have some ideas I'd like to share with them about that, to add in another factor. In case, the AE people ever see this, they can pm me about it. Haha.


Danny Raede makes most of the videos and he's cute. :)

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Thanks, guys. I looked for reviews online and didn't find much. There's a Wrong Planet thread which is pretty scathing. I'd be willing to pay for good information, but not really interested in restatements of the obvious, which is the feeling I got there.

Eta: I'd be glad to find out that people have found them helpful. Maybe I should sign up for the emails.

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