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I hate nights like these (ASD related)


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DD9 is on the spectrum, but also has other issues including sensory processing disorder.  

She had a busy but good day and was helping me in the garden tonight. She had a good time, and went inside to clean up.

I was putting away tools and then dd17 came outside to talk to me.  DD9 was inside for a max of 10 minutes which is normally fine.  


But tonight....She decided that the entire bowl of raspberry jello that was on the counter (she made it a few days ago but never ate any) was fun to play in.  She both hand up to the wrists in the bowl, squished it around, coated her hands in it, scooped up two handfuls, walked though the kitchen, through the entry way, and out the front door.....dripping mounds of jello the entire way.  The kitchen sink, counter, floor, entry way floor, door, porch, and driveway had at least 2 cups worth of dark red jello on them. :banghead:  She must have made 2 trips to spill as much as she did.  Then she ran from me when I tried to clean her up and shook her hands, spraying everything near by with it.  I am going to have ants everywhere outside in the morning, because the cold hose water just seemed to push it around, not clean it off. After I got her in the shower, and cleaned the red out of the shower, I went to clean the floor.  The jello had dried and I had to scrub and scrub to get it off.  There are still stains all over the floor that I will have to deal with tomorrow..


All because..... she was bored waiting for me to come inside...and I dared to talk to dd17 (dd9 gets jealous).  It took over an hour of clean up and another full hour calming her down from her getting upset at me for Dumping her  stim down the drain. 

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Yeah, it sucks! I don't let my son in my bedroom but sometimes when I go out for an hour and leave him with DH he manages to sneak in and has an uncanny ability to find Vaseline no matter where I hide it. I call Vaseline the gift that keeps on giving. Weeks later I find gobs of it on some surface I did not see before. He plays with it then smears it everywhere. Then there are the times they wake up in the middle of the night and go down quietly to the kitchen and make a huge mess with the pretty spices. Some stains don't come out. I am not even going to talk about what they have done with poop. Or grabbing people's purses in public because they are shiny. People do not like having their purses grabbed.


Someone could make good money opening a business to deal with this. Their motto could be: Phone us, we'll do the cleaning and you can go back to bed.

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