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Anyone use Living Books curriculum recently?

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In my quest to find next year's plan, I stumbled across LB curriculum. I remember looking at it years ago, and it looked appealing to me then. It's all there-tons of good books and the extras I usually don't get to.


I can't really find anyone who has used it and stuck with it so I thought I'd try here. I'd love to hear your innermost thoughts about how your days flowed, if you can combine kids close in age, if it provides enough support, how much work it is for the parents, what your kids think about Iit, Etc. Thanks so much!

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You've asked the question I need answered! Thanks! 

Hopefully someone will chime in! What do you think about it? It's pretty different than what we're doing now, so it could either be a hit or total bust. I'm just not sure which yet. I need a lot more info.

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I only used it with one child, so I can't speak to combining.

The planning was super simple, and I felt like with the CDRom I had enough support. I found it easy to implement, and the day flowed pretty simply. There's a sample week in the back of the book, and after printing my planning sheet I'd open it to the week I wanted planned and pretty much followed the sample. From there on it was rather open and go. My only regret is that I bought the wrong level this year, and so ended up supplementing so much I haven't opened this year's guide in weeks. My son already reads chapter books, so there went the language arts, and he got bored with the year 1 choice for World history. He also fell in love with Sassafras for science, so the science in the curriculum became free reads (Usborne). I suspect if I'd either held off teaching reading or bought year 2 we'd have a better report. I can say we absolutely loved Foundation Year.

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