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AP / Science sequence question...

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Oldest dd has never really been in love with science. This year, in ps, she absolutely loves her Honors Chemistry class and her teacher. She's had a solid A all year. She found out he is teaching AP Chemistry as well and wants to change from Honors Physics to AP Chem for her junior year. She took Honors Biology in 9th and ended with an A but hated it. She only needs three science credits for an Honors diploma but could still take Honors Physics her senior year. She has no interest, at this time, in a STEM career as she's mostly all about English and writing. Her other AP classes so far have been History and next year for 11th she is adding an AP English class. 


So, would it look okay for her to take Honors Chem and then AP Chem? I've heard AP Chem is tough so does it sound like too much for junior year to take AP US History, AP English Comp, and AP Chem? Does it seem okay to then go back to Honors Physics for senior year? Is that 4th year of science, or at least Physics, needed for someone who has no interest in a STEM career or diploma? 


She's our oldest so this is all new and I don't have a lot of faith in the guidance counselor at school. 

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I don't think your daughter should *have* to take Physics.  I think that it's nice, but not absolutely required.


DS took a high-school level Physical Science course in 7th, DD took it in 6th.  If they had zero interest in engineering or advanced science beyond high school, I would have been fine with *that* being the extent of the Physics they each had.  But, alas, Physics seems to be in their blood...so onto more physics they both will go!


AP Chemistry is difficult, there is no doubt.  But, having just successfully completed an Honors Chemistry course, a good chunk of AP Chem is going to be review and learning how to take the test.  I wouldn't say it will be too much. The DoD school's honors classes are not all that dissimilar from the AP courses (this is especially true of Honors Physics vs. AP Physics 1 & 2). If she has any qualms, EDX has the Preparing for the AP Chemistry Exam (I'm sure it will be archived soon, but will re-start again next January -- she could still go through it and test her knowledge on certain areas).  Educator.com also as an AP Chemistry course she could watch the lectures there as well (about $25/month).


But, I would have her speak to the teachers for each of those courses about what other AP's she's taking.  I know AP English Language & Comp expects about 8 hours of reading each week, and APUSH will have a significant amount of reading as well.  It comes down to how much "busywork" or "extra work" is going to be expected.  Her chemistry teacher should also be able to give her an idea as to how he thinks she'll do and handle the extra work.  I know people here who have done 3-5 APs (AP Lit, AP Euro, AP Physics 1, AP Art, and AP Psych), and didn't seem stressed (but this kid is one of those rare students, too).

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Thank you!


The work load is my concern and this is my kid who puts a lot of pressure on herself in regards to school. She likes to be challenged but she expects so much of herself. In addition to the AP classes she would have Pre-Calc and German 3. Then, there's two electives thrown in. I guess adding AP Chem wouldn't be too much, though, if it would mostly be review. I am going to talk with her about meeting with those teachers and feeling them out a bit or, at least, talking to other students who have taken them. 

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I loved my Chemistry Teacher in HS, so went back and took a 2nd Chemistry class from her. I don't think it is that odd.  (It may have even been AP Chemistry though I do not remember actually taking the AP exam. Too much else going on that year -- AP ENglish and AP Calculus BC)  I did take Physics my senior year and I am REALLY glad I did.  I still use the conversion techniques I learned in that class.


OTOH I was headed to a COmputer Engineering degree in college.

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