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Recommendations for Calculus supplements

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Has anyone read this book:




or any other ideas for readable, fun explanations that would be good supplemental reading over the summer before taking Calculus?


That book had a lot of good reviews.

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We have that book and my girls liked it! I just picked it off the shelf and plopped it on my son's desk, thanks to you.

I have never touched calculus ever, so I have no personal experience. :oP


It's coming, though! I can see it heading my way!



I am going to start with this one:


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Awesome! Thank you so much! I was inspired to look for something from daijobu's thread about AP Bio. :)

I think I will order it. I'm trying to figure out physics and calculus for next year for DS. We were thinking AP Physics C and AP Calculus BC, but after reading some things, I'm worried about trying to tackle too much. It looks like Calc AB is enough for Physics C, so I'm rethinking it now. I thought maybe reading some things like this over the summer might help.

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