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More of middle son's exploits for any out there who consider themselves fans


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For those who like to follow middle son's life, something new:


Juggling fire




Wish I had his talent!


(Thought I'd be able to put it in as we can with YouTube, but it didn't work.  The link is to the video (short - 7 seconds) if you want to see what homeschoolers can do - albeit - he never learned a bit of this while homeschooling!  So see what homeschooling graduates can do!).

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It's just code from what I see. Can you try again?


Had to fix it to put the link in instead.  He shared it via FB, but his FB is private so I had to download it from there and put it somewhere open.  The tricks we parents learn... (ok, hubby learned - I'm gleaning from him).

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Just to add a little more jealousy... he only started juggling - from having done absolutely none - as a junior in college.  This is the end of his senior year.  And it's not like he practices all the time at it.  He still pulls off As in his classes, being an RA for his hall, working in two labs, shadowing for pre-med, his dance club, and hanging out with friends.  (I still don't think he sleeps.)


I'll admit to wishing I had his talent.  I'm not even close.  Instead, I can fill in the proud mama role.  :coolgleamA:


So much for telling him not to play with fire in his youth though!

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