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I have recently started working with a Wod mobility trainer who has worked with my mom for years and seems to be pretty good.  I only have a short time like about 5 weeks with him before I go to join my husband.  I am helping mom out after surgery.


I am overweight and have had feet legs and back problems for a long time and I am sure it is all muscle related.  The trainer has said that my IT band is problem and that it is causing my knee problems.  I have also been reading about orthodics and it is saying that supination of the feet can cause IT band problems.  I bought vionic shoes for problems with plantar fasciatis a few years ago and that has really helped that problem but now I wonder if it is causing these problems.  


I am foam rolling the IT band and man is that painful, and I am working on my quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles with the trainer and doing some balance and core work.  I am wondering if there are feet exercises that I can do that would improve the situation too.  I am not sure what caused what to happen.  Are the shoes that helped with the pf now causing the IT band problems and can I get my feet right while I am trying to do the rest of this?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Frankly, you may need physical therapy and/or working with a trainer who really knows what mine calls "the chain."


The tough thing about IT band problems is that it really is about your hip, knee, ankle, and foot. I have zero cartilage in one knee with arthritis, an ankle with a lot of scar tissue, and tight hips. It's an ongoing battle to get it all balanced. I feel last week in a hole in my yard, and I've been off all week. I went to yoga last night and felt better, and then today I'm hurting again. Hopefully ice and stretching this weekend will help.

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