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Creative final - any ideas?

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Here's the scoop -

I am teaching a DC class at a high school campus.  The course is Marriage and Family and will transfer as a 3 credit elective for most of the students (there are 8).


The course has been taught as my first OER course.  OER - for those who don't know - is open educational resources; meaning we did not use a standard textbook but free resources that I had to research from the internet.  OER is the approach our CC is moving to and most classes will become OER in the next 2-3 years.  


The class is comprised of all female students and we have had a blast. 


Long story short as I have to run out for a bit -


What would be a neat and creative final for a marriage and family class?  Should I stick to a pen and paper test over vocab and concepts?

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I have no idea what such a class entails and what the focus is, so I might be off with my ideas:


write a letter to a friend with your wishes for their marriage and family incorporating what you have learned in the course

(letter to future spouse would be good, but that would be too personal)


write or role play conflict scenarios and resolve them, applying what you have learned in the class




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The class has covered things ranging from singlehood, courting, marriage, parenthood (or not), marital conflict, divorce, remarriage, etc.  We have looked at things from an American as well as a global perspective.


It's been writing intense sprinkled with practical application. We've had quite a few indepth conversations.  Today they told me this class has been the most beneficial of all the DC courses.  We've never had a dull moment.  

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Perhaps play a game!


Have a pool of marriageable people and have each student select one from each jar. Then roll or spin for details about income, children, etc. Perhaps have a Challenges jar where "into each life, a little adversity must fall"... Then have the student either write up a brief narrative about how the marriage would go, based on the criteria they have been given, or perhaps answer a series of questions about how things would likely be in terms of family dynamics (what would they chose for their children's education, where would they want to go on vacation, would they remain faithful to each other, which-if either-partner would be most likely to suffer depression or stress-related illness, would the children get along, etc.)


You could give extra points for creativity or for clear application of class concepts. Extra, extra credit for coming up with where the children would go to college - or if they would, and how that would be funded!

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